I’m Sem Schreuder, an Audio Design student at the Art Academy of Utrecht. Although i study Audio Design i specialize in multi media applications & installations in multiple dimensions. I’m fully capable of working with diverse software packages such as Ableton Live, Max MSP / Jitter, Blender, Adobe Packages & more.



E.FM// is a preformance piece in where i controll an fm synth with text based commands.


SCAPISM is an interactive installation. People can join a collective drawing over udp and the installation makes a landscape out of their collective drawing. The sound is linked to how much mountains there are. build with max & processing


NDS or Noise Deformation Synth is one of my crazy synths, it's an Additive synth controlled by Fractal Noise, which is also visualized by deforming a 3d Shape with that same Fractal Noise.


An example of Live Audio Reactive visuals i wrote a lot of.


Besides deforming stuff in 3d i spend a lot of time building crazy synths in Max MSP. This is one of them


Where it all started. I’ve been producing digital music for about 8 years with 2 record releases on 2 different labels.